Boost your web site by taking advantage a Semi-dedicated Hosting Plans US.

If you think that your cloud hosting account has stopped being a decent solution for personal or business web site, however a dedicated server is not up to your budget and too complicated to deal with, then you can make full use of our US–based semi–dedicated servers.

A semi-dedicated hosting plan works as a one of a kind combination from a cloud hosting account and a dedicated web hosting plan providing the the best of the two worlds. It gives you the the effectiveness of a dedicated server (minus the typical server administration responsibilities), through a point–and–click Control Panel that is provided with all our cloud hosting plans by default.

And because of their uniqueness, our semi–dedicated servers can be found only in our data center in the USA. It actually was the first data center in which we’ve been able to install our custom made cloud hosting platform plus it features unequalled power and cooling solutions. We also have created a custom–made internal network using enterprise–class Juniper routers and switches. This is how we are able to assure a 99.9% network uptime with our Semi-dedicated Hosting Plans US

One of the key features of our US–based semi–dedicated servers is the OpenHost Control Panel. It is featured absolutely free with all semi–dedicated servers and is intended to run in the cloud. This way, we save your server from having to provide power to the Control Panel and your web sites as well. You may use the whole server energy exclusively for your sites. Moreover, the Control Panel is full of free tools and bonuses that can optimize your online presence.

Other US Hosting Services

Inside our data center in the USA we also supply numerous web hosting solutions other than the semi–dedicated servers. If you have to run your own website and need a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, then you can check out our Cloud Hosting US. Additionally, they provide unrestricted disk space, monthly traffic and MySQL database storage space quotas. If you want to create a working environment for your next projects or need something much more powerful than the usual cloud hosting account for your website then our VPS Hosting Plans US can be the most suitable choice. They come with ultra fast SSD storage and have a number of complimentary instruments. When you need a hosting service that will enable live video streaming and conversion, then you certainly cannot make a mistake with our Dedicated Web Hosting Plans US that are the ideal option for your CPU intensive web site or app. They are bundled with a selection of Control Panel tools and are protected by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and a 24/7 technical support service.